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Happy 2016 Friends!! 




I have been away and out of PSP World and Groups for quite some time. If you have emailed me and I didn't get back to you I'm sorry...I had a computer die a painful death and I did lose alot of my things and email I had sitting in Incredimail. I am aware of broken links to my tutorials and supplies and will be working on getting those all fixed. You can find them all at my Yahoo Group below for now. Thanks!! 

 If you would like immediate updates and my new tutorials as they are released, please visit my Yahoo group called JM Creation Tutorials:



If you are a tutorial writer and you would

 like to use the PSP Selections, Masks, Brushes, Tubes, or anything else that I create myself please email me at

I do allow this, but I would like to be notified first and I also require a link back to me to my tutorials homepage which is the one you are on now....or

I put alot of time in creating my selections and other things and while I'm happy to share them, I would like to be credited for them...I'm sure all my fellow tutorial writers can understand how I feel about this :)

Please use the navigation links on the top of the page. All of my tutorials come in Zip files. The tutorials are in Incredimail form in the zip files. You can also view the tutorials online by clicking the links ... Sorry but at this time I am not creating my tutorials in word form or any other form other than Incredimail Stationery form Wink

These tutorials are my own creations, any similarities to other tutorials found elsewhere are strictly coincidental and unintentional...

Please do not claim these tutorials as your own or place on any other website. I do give permission to snag and share though. If you own an MSN, Yahoo or other learning group and you share tutorials it is perfectly fine for you to share them with your group. Just please make sure credit is linked back to me as stated in my tutorials...

If you enjoy my tutorials and you would like to be a tester for me and a couple of my other tut creator

friends, please check out my group called Crazy Creative Creators..


Last Updated July 28, 2016

Please visit my "Links" page for links to my Tutorial, Tube, Stationery Creations, Harry Potter, and other groups!!

I hope you have a wonderful time visiting my site & enjoy my tutorial creations :0)


~~Jodi M~~